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The Des Moines metropolitan area, officially known as the Des Moines-West Des Moines Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), consists of five counties in central Iowa: Polk, Dallas, Warren, Madison, and Guthrie. The 2000 census population of these counties was 481,394, and the 2007 estimated population was 546,599.

Two additional counties, Jasper and Marion, are part of the Des Moines-Newton-Pella Combined Statistical Area (CSA). The area encompasses the separate micropolitan areas of Newton (Jasper County) and Pella (Marion County). The total population of the CSA was 550,659 in the 2000 census and 616,122 based on 2007 estimates.

Athletic Coaches Receive Thousands

In Des Moines, Iowa it has been reported that athletic coaches and academics are one of the top earners of the payroll for state. The information that was released by the state displays that the football and men’s basketball coaches at the university level are those with the highest income rates. The President of the University of Iowa, Sally Mason was reported as receiving $973,000. Governor Terry Branstad earned approximately $130,000. Although, this is not on a personal level for those who are without employment, it does show that the local economy is not at a stand still and is coming out of the destitute level.

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